Find Your Tech Match at D-Harmony

Susan Tompkins and I (along with several others) visited Discovery’s local tech headquarters yesterday to shoot some green screen footage.  When we found out we wouldn’t get the “good” footage right away, I asked Howard Martin to video what we did with my little hand-held video camera.  The result is the ad below.  I’ve included a link to the original eHarmony ad so you can see how our ad came about.  My special thanks to Susan for a great script and idea!

The original video can be seen here

We’ll catch you up on all things LC Institute later.


  1. Anne

    This is great! Very creative -thank you for sharing. Be sure to put it on your DEN blog.

  2. Anne

    Oh, this is your DEN Blog – he he…I drive without paying attention, too. :)

  3. Tracy Standhart

    Hey you two –
    This is FANTASTIC! What a great spoof and promo tool. I love it and can’t wait to share. :)

  4. Susan Tompkins

    LA and TN rock! Our video is an example of the collaboration that is possible through the DEN and one of the main benefits I gain as a member. The networking and ideas that occur through Discovery is outstanding. I have met some of the most innovative minds in technology use in the classroom through this venue. Thanks, Tim, for the superb video editing for being a perfectionist and always being willing to try something crazy! You and your “get to that communication” made the video! Hollywood should be our next stop!

  5. Donna Neblett

    Hey Tim,

    We did have a great week in Silver Spring! I miss you guys already. Now that I am on Twitter, we can keep up…..Help, I need more friends in Twitter!

  6. Glenda Jenkins

    Great job Tim and Susan! It was fun in the green room. Had a great week. Keep in touch.

  7. Emma Haygood

    So funny! Driving home from DEN NI to Michigan – 10 hour drive. This video had me giggling for 1/2 hour!

  8. Karla Halcomb

    Now I truly know what I missed at the LC Institute!!!! Lot’s of LOL! Awesome work!

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