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Students, take out your cell phones and get ready to learn

Students, take out your cell phones and get ready to learn

In case you didn’t see it, Hall’s mobile phone presentation was recently featured on the EdWeek blog.  It’s has generated quite a bit of conversation already, so give the article a read and then chime in with your own comments.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you can catch

Fame Claimed

ScreenNation’s first ever challenge closed barely a week ago and the winners are already announced as they prepare to open the next challenge in the coming week or so. There was a wide range of entries for this one giving us very creative perspectives on a diverse group of towns. Some students focused on their

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

Can’t get enough of the DEN’s amazing professional development events?  Good!  There is still time to register for a series of two-day conferences designed to enhance your use of Discovery Education’s digital media resources.  The DEN Regional Conferences (August through October) are spread out all over the country so that we can reach as many STARs as possible.

How many more ways can we use Discovery Streaming?

We already have a wonderful list of 50 ways to use Discovery Streaming. Star Members attending the DEN LC in Maryland put their heads together and created a few more ways.  Two  Kansas Leadership Council members spent extra time creating their 25 additional ways to share Discovery Streaming.  With each new idea is also an