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Handouts from DEN National Institute 2008

As promised here’s the ppt with the steps for the multimedia projects using Power Point. We’ll update this with the new tricks and short cuts we’ve found this week too! Feel free to download and use these! Closed Captioning for Mac 50_ways_to_integrate_streamingnew.ppt tipsandtricksforppt.pdf

BOOM de yadda We love the DEN Institute!

Our first day at the DEN NI in Silver Spring Maryland was SUPER GREAT!  When I walked up to the Discovery building a small smile crept on my face just thinking about the possibilities of the week. When I walked in there were tables all over and people twittering, networking, “plurking”  their were even a

DEN National Institute

Wow.  I am totally jealous of all the DEN STARs who are in Silver Springs, Maryland, at the Discovery Headquarters for the DEN National Institute.  When I left the Leadership Council Institute last week I was so inspired and motivated.  (Really, they had to practically kick me out.  I wanted to stay for the second