The Latest Webinar in the Known World (Part II)

Okay, if you were lucky (or unlucky) enough to see the brief post from a day or so, you know that the “Latest Webinar in the Known World” refers to a little webinar malfunction we had in the DEN series.  It was a perfect conspiracy of time zone changes, a dead computer, and vanished codes.  After sitting as a muted ‘participant’ on my own webinar for a very long time in every known browser, an emergency call to webmaster Dembo got all the necessary codes changed.  We managed to get in some information about posting video clips and live feeds into blogs and Google Earth, and we talked a little about patching cellphones through Google Earth.  But time was the enemy and there will be a lot more in the rescheduled event for that seminar:  Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Video Clip (and Two You Did).  We are going to build avatars with Web. 2.0 sites, mixing them with DiscoveryEducationstreaming clips, punch video through Google Earth, convert video for portability, link the web through webphones, do chromakey (free) with MovieMaker, and lots more.  More than we could do from the Fairfield Inn in Lakewood Ranch, Florida anyway.  (Note: I love Manatee County, no dis intended or implied!).

Watch for the reschedule date!  We should have that out in the day or so.

File links:
Science-What It’s All About

Who Am I?
Ancient Egypt


  1. Denise Thomas

    When is the webinar or should I just look at the schedule? I want to do more with the chromakey with MovieMaker, as well as video with Google Earth.

  2. Hall Davidson

    I tried to respond via Twitter. Just in case, the answer to your question is to watch the schedule. Thanks!

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