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Tech Camp 2008!

Tech Camp 2008!

Over fifty educators from southwest Michigan and around the State participated in TechCamp 2008 August 19 & 20 at Berrien RESA in Berrien Springs in beautiful southwest Michigan. TechCamp 2008 was a Michigan DEN event sponsored by Berrien RESA and Discovery Education. Kevin Clark, Berrien RESA Instructional Technology Consultant, coordinated TechCamp. Participants engaged in active

Next Vista

Last July, as part of my NECC summary, I mentioned sitting in on two of Rushton Hurley’s sessions. As the school year starts up, it seems like a good idea to elaborate on what you can learn and share at Next Vista. But first, let me share their own explanation of what they are about:

Book Talk – Brain Rules

I am thrilled to announce a new Book Talk series.  During the month of October we will be discussing John Medina’s ‘Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School’.  I’m giving you the ‘heads up’ now so you will have plenty of time to order the book and read it. 

Mark Your Calendar – September Events

There is somethings SERIOUSLY wrong with the title of this post!  Can anyone guess what that might be?  Huh?  Huh?  It’s ‘THAT’ word — ‘September’….ugh.  I remember VERY clearly sitting down at my computer writing a post entitled, ‘Mark Your Calendar – June Events’!  Where did the time fly?  For those of you already back

September Texas STAR

September’s Texas STAR is Betsy Ruffin, who has been a very active DEN member and has guest-blogged on the Texas DEN Blog, as well. Please comment and congratulate Betsy on a job well done! Read about Betsy here: ____________________________________________ Currently an elementary librarian and technologist, Betsy Ruffin has had a varied educational career and seen

Gentle Reminder – September 3rd

Join us this Wednesday for ‘New Discoveries for a New School Year’ presented by Augustine Writer (Lance Rougeux – RL).  You don’t want to miss this workshop! Get first hand information and sneak peeks! Come learn about all the new ways Discovery Education is connecting you and your students to a world of learning.  We’ll

Hello Missouri!

The Missouri Leadership Council is off to a running start. We participated in DEN Summer Institutes in Silver Spring, MD this summer, learned a lot and had a wonderful time.  Stephanie Affield attended the DEN Leadership Council Institute.   Amy Cordova and Anna Heffernan attended the DEN National Institute. We will be sharing what we

Engaging Ideas Found Here!!

“I <3 Discovery” September is jam packed full of events that can provide you with invaluable tools for your class.  Virtual to in-person, I guarantee there’s an event just for you.  Live in the Midwest?  Then, you must come to our Midwest Regional Conference.  Space is limited and we’re almost at capacity, so register below

Shuffle Thyself!

Okay so it is the new school year and as many DE streaming educators go back to school – some are returning to brand new or different schools. If this story rings true to you, you might be asking yourself how can you bring your DE streaming username/password to your new school? Well one way