Back to School

I know I won’t get any sympathy with this post, but after two years of retirement and twelve years as a facilitator with no classes of my own before I retired, I’m back in the classroom. Sort of. With Discovery and Wilkes University’s recent partnering to offer an online Master’s in Instructional Media, I was tapped to design and teach the Digital Storytelling class. I have to share that it has been an amazing and exhausting process so far. For one, I got to choose the textbook: no committee, no pilot project, just my choice. We’ll be using Jason Ohler’s Digital Storytelling in the Classroom along with two free manuals: the  downloadable 21st Educator’s Handbook (the Teacher’s Guide from the American Film Institute video sections in Discovery Education streaming) and A Curriculum for Digital Media Creation by Marco Torres and Ross Kallen which is available from Apple Computer’s education website. Of course, there will also be a number of online videos to watch and comment on as well as a few websites that will need to be visited. The “tests and papers” will be video creation, discussion, and commentary. It has been a challenge to think the seven units out and write them up in a comprehensible format for Moodle. It actually reminds me of (shudder) writing out detailed sub plans. I have to send a big thank you out to Wilkes University Grad & Professional Studies Assistant Dean, Bill Jones, who has been most helpful and patient as I’ve struggled to get my take on digital storytelling into words and into a logical sequence. Jason Ohler has also been a big help and doesn’t seem to mind that we will be jumping all around in his book as I fit his chapters to the units I’ve structured. Looks like there will be special class sections for DEN members too, so don’t be tardy or you’ll need a note from your mother, spouse or significant other.


  1. Diane Zoellmer


    Congratulations and good luck! It sounds like fun :-)


  2. R. Hoffman

    It’s a wonderful program!

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