Archives for September 4, 2008

  1. What's in Your Backpack/Briefcase?

     I just read a great idea, “Back to School Back Pack” from A to Z Teacher Stuff.  The poster suggests bringing in their own back pack to show students a little bit about themselves.  We all carry so much stuff.  But can you really tell something/anything/a lot about someone from what’s in their back […]

  2. Catchup on sleep now, because the Streamathon is coming!

    Here at Discovery Education, people are doing daily calisthenics, stocking up on coffee and preparing I.V.’s full of Red Bull.  And that can only mean one thing…  The third annual Discovery Education streamathon is coming!This year’s streamathon features presentations by all your favorite members of the DEN team, from Hall Davidson to Lance Rougeux, and each of […]

  3. EdTechConnect Series Kicks Off

    On Wednesday, Sept. 17th at 7pm EST, we will be kicking off our monthly EdTechConnect series with none other than the Director of the Office of Educational Technology, Tim Magnar.  Tim coordinates the development and implementation of the Department’s educational technology policies.  Many will remember his presentation at NECC 2007 where he outlined what School 2.0 […]

  4. Classroom 2.0 Live "unconference"

    If you are near Chicago, Illinois or know of educators in this area, please spread the word about the Classroom 2.0 Live “unconference” that will be held at my school November 7 and 8. We’re looking for participants and sponsors! More information can be found here: An “unconference” is simply a meet up of […]