A Shining STAR In Wilkes-Barre

I subscribe to a Google News Alert for – what else – “Discovery Educator Network.”  Guess what popped up today in my feed?  Okay, you don’t really have to guess; I’ll just tell you.

It is a proud moment both for Pennsylvania and the DEN . . .

scott-desb.jpg Scott Kinney — VP of outreach and professional development at Discovery Education, former director of the DEN, former Director of Educational Technologies at the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit, and even more former educator at the Central Columbia School District and the Sharpsville Area School District (he’s had a lot of jobs) — has been honored by Wilkes University by being asked to give the commencement address at their summer graduation ceremony on September 7. 

Here are a few quotes from the press release:

Scott Kinney, vice president of outreach and professional development at Discovery Education, will present the commencement address. He will focus on how people across the globe consume, interact, create and ultimately share media and information much differently now than ever before and how this change results in incredible opportunity.

Commencement speaker Scott Kinney serves as a strong advocate and voice for creative and effective applications of educational technology, managing all of Discovery Education’s professional development efforts, including the Discovery Educator Network, the Discovery Education Speakers Bureau and the educational liaison for public policy.

Pretty cool, huh? 

So, post a shout out to Scott here on the PA blog to cheer him on!  The PA Den is proud to call you one of our own, Scott! 


  1. Danielle

    That is pretty cool! They’re in for a treat!

  2. Kevin Willson

    Congratulations Scott! A well deserved honor!

  3. Joe Brennan

    Scott, I hope you work that Jeff Corwin look alike picture into the commencement.

  4. Mark Perlman

    We al should be shouting about Scott and the DEN!!!

  5. Ann Johnston

    Congratulations Scott! You really deserve this!

  6. Mike Cichocki

    Scott, Congratulations !!! That is awesome. You will be amazing. Knock their socks off.

  7. Erin Peavornick-Prosser

    Wow!! Congratulations….

  8. Scott Kinney

    Thanks all, much appreciated!

  9. Gena Price

    Congratulations Scott! Well deserved.

  10. Hall Davidson

    Use the “Jeff Corwin” cuddly mammal still to start the PowerPoint. Worked at FETC.

  11. Bobbi Gurney

    It’s the 8th, but I am sure it was great! Congrats!
    Post pictures on Flickr!

  12. RJ Stangherlin

    You just keep making us prouder and prouder. Congratulations!

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