Archives for September 11, 2008

  1. More cameras –But first this message from Finland

    There’s more to share about using camcorders–and their great lens–for web cams.  I’ve used the camcorder in the post below with Skype, iChat, and other apps, and will try a dead digital still camera next.  But first! This message from Finland, via Steve Dembo’s Nokia cellphone.   Not a bad “web cam” all by itself.   The […]

  2. Equipment Inventory

    I just finished “grading” the first assignment from my Wilkes U. digital storytelling students and it got me thinking (along with an iChat I had with Hall Davidson and his daughter last week). I needed to know what equipment my students have at their disposal to make the videos that will be the bulk of […]

  3. BrainPop offers 9/11 Video

    I got an email from BrainPop yesterday informing me of a new video on 9/11.  I immediately took a look and…wow…it is great. Using the popularity of Tim and Moby to tackle such a difficult subject for school-age children really works.  The video is informative without being shocking.  It sets a mood of respect and […]