More cameras –But first this message from Finland

finland4.pngfinland3.pngThere’s more to share about using camcorders–and their great lens–for web cams.  I’ve used the camcorder in the post below with Skype, iChat, and other apps, and will try a dead digital still camera next.  But first! This message from Finland, via Steve Dembo’s Nokia cellphone.   Not a bad “web cam” all by itself.   The event is described here.  Steve’s live-to-web cell coverage begins here (  Are we sure we don’t want kids using this tool in school? Sidebar article on cells here from EdWeek (OK, quoting me) next to a GREAT story on DEN teachers and technology training.

Speaking of the importance of technology, nice piece on the importance 21st Century skills from Partnership for 21st Century Skills  (thanks, Jen Dorman via Twitter) Nice DEN folks in Christopher Power’s Ed Week photo.  Note Jeff Corwin watching…

img_2907.JPGNext:  Can a dead digital still camera be undead and work as a webcam?
Steve’s next live-from-cellphone post is below.  Careful, Steve!


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