Archives for September 22, 2008

  1. Our Virtual/Real Life

    How often do you get the opportunity to have a foot in both worlds?  On September 21st at the DEN MidWest Regional Conference, some of you got to do just that.  JessieMarie (Anne Truger) and Lor (Lori Abrahams) put a call out to head in to the DEN in SL on Sunday morning to help […]

  2. How 2.0: Building a PLN, Part 2/4

    Hello and welcome to How 2(.0) – your guide to Web 2.0 and how it can work for you, the teacher.  Today we’ll be continuing with part 2 of our 4 part series on building a PLN, or Personal Learning Network. Or Professional Learning Network. Whatever. Before we begin, I must apologize for making part […]

  3. Kentucky Educational Television Continues Commitment to Providing State Educators and Students High-Quality Digital Media

    KET EncycloMedia, a partnership between KET and the Kentucky Department of Education, offers teachers and students more than 5,000 videos, 50,000 video clips and thousands of digital images, all searchable by keyword, content area, grade level, and Kentucky academic standards. KET is Kentucky’s most accessible and comprehensive educational institution, and a leading example of how […]