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Streamathon Archives

Streamathon Archives

As requested by hundreds of people (literally), we have now posted the vast majority of the 2008 DE streamathon presentations as archives!  If you visit our streamathon page you’ll see that most of the presentations are now hyperlinked.  Click on a hyperlink and you will begin to download a high resolution archive of that presentation. 

DENliest Catch Fall Promotion!!!

Have you heard? The DEN just announced the DENliest Catch Fall Promotion:  Let’s go SOUTH REGION – we can take it this time.  Last Spring, Kim Randall and her dedicated team of DENners in the West won it.  We can do it South Region.  Let’s get out there…talk to all your fellow teachers, colleagues, anyone who will

Ready to Join Second Life?

Read about it?  Heard about it?  Ready to take the plunge? Check out the following from Second Life Grid that I just read about this a.m. Educators can now join Second Life and get transported directly to ISTE Island rather than one of the other (sometimes overwhelming) orientation islands! NOTE: Make sure you click on

Are You Reading?

That’s right….YOU!  Are YOU reading ‘Brain Rules’?  The DEN in SL Book Talk series will be held every Monday during the month of October on the book ‘Brain Rules’. Three chapters each Monday. And here’s what we would like you to bring to the table (so to speak! LOL):  As you read the book (or

AFI Movie Review Challenge

Movie and book reviews are a great way for students to structure and share their opinons. Here’s a quick challenge for 13 to 18 year old any student (they removed the age restriction, but minors MUST have guardian’s permission) from the American Film Institute’s ScreenNation site – review a movie in three minutes or less

Everybody Likes Free Stuff!

Looking for a way to get something for nothing?  OK, maybe that’s a bit much.  You actually have to do something to get these items from the DEN.  But, they do come to you free! First, if you log into your DEN account and update your information (even if it hasn’t changed), you will be

Motivation at Work

It is the middle of the third week of school and we are already out for bad weather, this time due to the rains from Gustav. Several schools in the southern and central part of the state are experiencing flooded roadways and power outages so we join the many Louisiana schools that are also closed.