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  1. The Exploding Mind

    An exploding mind can be a good thing.  I was asked to work with the faculty at the School of Education at Johns Hopkins on the topic of educational technology.  This was an important group by itself– and representative of an extremely important segment in education:  the teacher preparation programs across the country.  They monitor, […]

  2. Welcome New MI STARs!

    The following educators achieved STAR status since the start of the 2008-2009 school year: Chris Blackstock: Van Dyke David Erdmans: Allendale Michael Graves: Midland Dana Houseman: Godwin Heights Rita Hughes: Chippewa Valley Craig McBain: Chippewa Valley Michelle Meitler: Midland Marcia Milanowski: Kenowa Hills Jennifer Parker-Moore: Macomb Martha Persak: Flushing Mark Pickering: Midland Janet Schoettle: Zeeland […]

  3. Snapshot from Fall Science Supervisors Meeting in Charlotte

    The Fall Science Supervisors Meeting was held in Charlotte, NC, October 29, 2008, in conjunction with the North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) meeting and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) regional meeting.  The purpose of these meetings were to update districts on current North Carolina issues and national initiatives in science education. Elementary, Middle […]

  4. Virtual Conference – Virtually a Smash

    This past Saturday, October 25th was the second annual Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference.  Educators gathered behind computers and in person to connect with other educators.  Connections were made in RL and cyberspace.  Distance learning presentations from Steve Dembo, Jannita Demian, Matt Monjan, Hall Davidson, Jen Dorman, Scott Kinney, and more were so wonderful to […]

  5. It's a Wrap – Newbie 102

    Congratulations Vita Demain for facilitating tonight’s (that’s right….I’m posting right after I logged out of SL) workshop.  This Newbie 102 workshop was filled with tips and tricks that even I wasn’t aware of.  If you weren’t able to make it tonight, perhaps Vita will be willing to host this workshop again in the (very) near […]

  6. Reminder – Please join us tomorrow!

    Discovery Connect is proud to provide you and your students the opportunity to learn from a true American hero, U.S. Air Force Major Paul Moga of the Air Combat Command’s 1st Fighter Wing. Paul “Max” Moga is the host of Showdown: Air Combat, a Military Channel series which offers amazing insight into the aircraft’s,the weaponry […]

  7. Final Reminder: Discovery Connect tomorrow!

    To attend this webinar, with or without your students, simply follow this link and register!  Tomorrow is going to be our first Discovery Connect of the year.  I really think both you and your students will enjoy it and learn quite a bit, so I hope to see you there!  U.S. Air Force Major Paul […]

  8. Here You Go Region 4

    It was great meeting you this morning! As promised, here are the handouts and files for the items that I shared with you. You will also find much more by logging into DE streaming and visiting “Professional Development” at the top of the page. Movie Maker Instructions Photo Story 3 Instructions iMovie Instructions Adobe Premier […]

  9. OKCPS Is Off and Running!

    Okay…OKCPS knows how to have a good time!  There are a number of highlights from last Friday’s Day of Discovery that come to mind, but the clear winners are: 1. OKCPS does the best “DEN Finger” in all of the Central US, 2. Friday’s group was WAY too much fun, and 3. SONIC Blue Coconut Creme Slushes rock!  Thanks to […]

  10. Vimeo & SL — A Match Made in Heaven

    I ran across this today and felt compelled to share it with the rest of you in a post.  If you’ve sat in on one of Steve Dembo’s sessions (or Hall Davidson’s for that matter) you’ve heard of Vimeo.  Whether or not you’ve explored it beyond initially bookmarking it, well, that’s another story. You ABSOLUTELY, […]

  11. It's a Wrap – Boo!

    As always, the DEN in SL knows how to ‘deck the halls’…oh…wait…that would refer to a winter holiday!LOL  And though some of us in the NorthEast did enjoy a substantial snowfall, the weather in SL has been hauntingly crispy!  Sunday saw the 2nd Halloween Hoop-la (for lack of a better term…and for lack of caffeine) […]

  12. It's a Wrap – Book Talk, 'Brain Rules'

    Well, we’ve closed out this month’s Book Talk on ‘Brain Rules’.  Will there be other Book Talks?  Absolutely!  In fact, if you would like to recommend a book, please list it in the comment area below.  Who knows, perhaps you could faciliatate the Book Talk! Please visit Beth’s blog, ‘Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the […]

  13. Gentle Reminder – October 29th

    So you’ve been in-world for a while.  You feel pretty comfortable walking and talking.  You land gracefully from flying at least 2 out of 7 times and you’re ready for more.  So come and join us for ‘Newbie 102′ this Wednesday. So you feel comfortable communicating using chat and voice, you know how to teleport […]

  14. Live! It's a Virtual Conference!

    Last Saturday, October 25, was the second Discovery Education virtual conference. The Texas Leadership Council hosted a live, in-person event throughout the day at the Notre Dame School in Dallas. Several area educators attended, watched some of the virtual presentations, enjoyed breakout sessions, and had a great breakfast and lunch from Cafe Express, courtesy of […]

  15. Get Some Rest!

    It’s baa-aack! The Insomnia Film Festival that is. 24 hours of cinema making bliss (or pandemonium). It’s fun. It’s quick. It’s exhausting. Assemble a team and come up with an original story and incorporate at least 3 elements from the super secret list that won’t be released until Nov. 15th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Then, […]

  16. Welcome, Jim Clark!

    The Kansas Leadership Team would like to welcome Jim Clark from Wichita to the team. Jim has been a leader in the Wichita area, getting many educators involved in Discovery Education Streaming. Jim hosted an event on Oct 18 in Wichita attended by 50 educators. The presentations from the day are available here: Please […]

  17. Gentle Reminder – October 27th

    Always wanted to attend a Book Group, but just were never able to find the time, location, group?  Here’s an opportunity for you to join this virtual Book Group from the comfort of your own home! Join Beth and Laelia for ‘Book Talk: Brain Rules’, a weekly (every Monday) gathering for the month of October […]

  18. Michigan Virtual/FTF Conference

    What an awesome day!  The Michigan Leadership Council hosted an in-person professional development day for teachers at Haslett High School.  This was co-sponsored by Discovery Education and MACUL (Michigan Association of Computer Users for Learning).  Mike Bryant, Discovery Regional Manager, made a surprise visit.  He announced that our Michigan event had the most people registered nation-wide! In addition […]

  19. Understanding Your Students’ iBrains

    Thank you to everyone for their discussion and feedback on the presentation.  Please add additional comments to the blog so that I can continue to develop the presentation.  This was it’s first run so I want to continue to develop it.  The virtual conference was a phenomenal event and kudos to everyone who attended, participated, […]

  20. BOO!

    That’s right…’BOO!’  DEN in SL is once again hosting a Halloween Extravaganza.  We hope you’ll be able to join us, tomorrow, 12 p.m. SLT (2 p.m. CST, 3 p.m. EST).  For those of you who are in need of a last minute costume, there’s a box of goodies over at the DEN in SL.  You […]

  21. Report This!

    Well guys this is kinda super cool – and it is only going to get cooler.  We’ve upgraded the reporting functionality within DE streaming so that you can really zoom in and see usage like you’ve never seen it before. Within the new reports you now have the ability to see who is creating and […]

  22. Report this!

    Well guys this is kinda super cool – and it is only going to get cooler.  We’ve upgraded the reporting functionality within DE streaming so that you can really zoom in and see usage like you’ve never seen it before. Within the new reports you now have the ability to see who is creating and […]