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South Regional Institute

South Regional Institute

What a great day yesterday was in Huntsville, AL. We had a great time learning all about Discovery Education streaming and the other great resources our attendees shared. (My personal favorite has to from zefrank.com and it is the frog. Makes me laugh EVERY time!!! Thanks Carolyn Rains). For those who may not have been

DE Streaming, DE Assessment, and a Game of Pool…

I am sitting in the meeting room of the Marriott, and it is nearly time for our second day to begin.  Before we get there, however, we need to cover some important news from last night.Several of us stayed until around 10:00 EST working on projects and picking up tech tricks from one another.  Afterward,

WOW!! You can do that with PowerPoint

The presentation from the streamathon has been highly requested and is not finally here. For the scrolling ticker effect what I recommend is that you simply copy the slide from my powerpoint and paste it into your powerpoint. You can simply change the text section of the scroll to meet you needs. The application for

Goolge Earth and Imbedded Discovery Education streaming Video

For all of you who love Google Earth, but wished you could embed your favorite Discovery Education streaming video the solution is finally here. For a while you have been able to insert flash video from YouTube and TeacherTube, but not from .asf, .avi, etc. Now with a relatively simple code you can insert your