Who will be Central’s “KING/QUEEN CRAB?”


The DENliest Catch promotion is underway, and to make things more interesting, we will be having a competition between the Central STARs.  We will be awarding the title of “KING/QUEEN CRAB” to the STAR who recruits the most STARs between now and December 1st.  In addition to bragging rights, the “KING/QUEEN CRAB” (yes, it has to be in quotes and all caps) will receive a “KING/QUEEN CRAB” t-shirt…and yes…a crown!  Happy fishing!


  1. ldaughrity

    I look forward to getting that shirt in the mail and wearing it to my next conference… Hmmmm. I guess that would be TCEA. Look for me, I’ll be in that!

    Lea Anne

  2. njwalter

    Go Justin,
    You made a haul up here in Minot at the Face 2 Face. I finished my requirements in that 48 hour window you challenged us to. I’ll be out recruiting. Good Luck.

  3. Justin

    Way to go Judy! Glad to have you join us. It was very nice meeting you in Minot!

  4. Charity Nix

    To all the “Queens” out there…Good Luck! I was registered within 36 hours of Face to Face in Minot and have encouraged others to be a STAR as well. I have never had crown and would love a “Queen Crab” one! Thanks for the great information in Minot Justin! It was nice to meet you!

  5. Justin Karkow

    WATCH OUT CENTRAL!! North Dakota is on the move! It was great meeting you as well, Charity. Thanks for all that you are doing up there!

  6. Charlotte Solorio

    Did I miss the announcement about the winning region????

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