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It's a Wrap – Going Green 102: Green Schools

It's a Wrap – Going Green 102: Green Schools

  It was a beautiful Autumn afternoon at the DEN in SL garden. We sat around a campfire on haystacks and listened to Faythe Fouroux (aka Melanie Ruiz) give an informative presentation on how we as educators, can be role models for helping to reduce our carbon footprint and help create green classrooms and schools.

One more time!

OK, looks like there have been some “technical difficulties” with the AFI server. If you’ve already uploaded a film review, you might want to check to see if it actually made it onto the site. AND if you haven’t entered this most recent movie review challenge, you now have until October 20th to share your

Web 2.0 Wednesday – Shrink O'Matic

This application sums up what I love about Web 2.0, simple, useful and oh so cute. How can you not want to use an application called Shrink O’Matic. This program has solved a major dilemma for me. If you’re like me you probably have uploaded lots of avatar pictures. It seems that every site wants

New Teacher Survival Central

Here is some great news for your new teachers!  (Where was this when I was setting up my first classroom?) Discovery Education has joined forces with Walden University, mimio, Adobe Systems, Inc., Elmer’s Products, Inc., and CDW-G to launch New Teacher Survival Central, a new website featuring a robust array of classroom tools designed to welcome