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OKCPS Is Off and Running!

OKCPS Is Off and Running!

Okay…OKCPS knows how to have a good time!  There are a number of highlights from last Friday’s Day of Discovery that come to mind, but the clear winners are: 1. OKCPS does the best “DEN Finger” in all of the Central US, 2. Friday’s group was WAY too much fun, and 3. SONIC Blue Coconut Creme Slushes rock!  Thanks to

Vimeo & SL — A Match Made in Heaven

I ran across this today and felt compelled to share it with the rest of you in a post.  If you’ve sat in on one of Steve Dembo’s sessions (or Hall Davidson’s for that matter) you’ve heard of Vimeo.  Whether or not you’ve explored it beyond initially bookmarking it, well, that’s another story. You ABSOLUTELY,

It's a Wrap – Boo!

As always, the DEN in SL knows how to ‘deck the halls’…oh…wait…that would refer to a winter holiday!LOL  And though some of us in the NorthEast did enjoy a substantial snowfall, the weather in SL has been hauntingly crispy!  Sunday saw the 2nd Halloween Hoop-la (for lack of a better term…and for lack of caffeine)

It's a Wrap – Book Talk, 'Brain Rules'

Well, we’ve closed out this month’s Book Talk on ‘Brain Rules’.  Will there be other Book Talks?  Absolutely!  In fact, if you would like to recommend a book, please list it in the comment area below.  Who knows, perhaps you could faciliatate the Book Talk! Please visit Beth’s blog, ‘Beth’s Thoughts on Technology in the

Gentle Reminder – October 29th

So you’ve been in-world for a while.  You feel pretty comfortable walking and talking.  You land gracefully from flying at least 2 out of 7 times and you’re ready for more.  So come and join us for ‘Newbie 102’ this Wednesday. So you feel comfortable communicating using chat and voice, you know how to teleport

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Live! It's a Virtual Conference!

Last Saturday, October 25, was the second Discovery Education virtual conference. The Texas Leadership Council hosted a live, in-person event throughout the day at the Notre Dame School in Dallas. Several area educators attended, watched some of the virtual presentations, enjoyed breakout sessions, and had a great breakfast and lunch from Cafe Express, courtesy of