Archives for October 29, 2008

  1. Virtual Conference – Virtually a Smash

    This past Saturday, October 25th was the second annual Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference.  Educators gathered behind computers and in person to connect with other educators.  Connections were made in RL and cyberspace.  Distance learning presentations from Steve Dembo, Jannita Demian, Matt Monjan, Hall Davidson, Jen Dorman, Scott Kinney, and more were so wonderful to […]

  2. It's a Wrap – Newbie 102

    Congratulations Vita Demain for facilitating tonight’s (that’s right….I’m posting right after I logged out of SL) workshop.  This Newbie 102 workshop was filled with tips and tricks that even I wasn’t aware of.  If you weren’t able to make it tonight, perhaps Vita will be willing to host this workshop again in the (very) near […]

  3. Reminder – Please join us tomorrow!

    Discovery Connect is proud to provide you and your students the opportunity to learn from a true American hero, U.S. Air Force Major Paul Moga of the Air Combat Command’s 1st Fighter Wing. Paul “Max” Moga is the host of Showdown: Air Combat, a Military Channel series which offers amazing insight into the aircraft’s,the weaponry […]

  4. Final Reminder: Discovery Connect tomorrow!

    To attend this webinar, with or without your students, simply follow this link and register!  Tomorrow is going to be our first Discovery Connect of the year.  I really think both you and your students will enjoy it and learn quite a bit, so I hope to see you there!  U.S. Air Force Major Paul […]

  5. Here You Go Region 4

    It was great meeting you this morning! As promised, here are the handouts and files for the items that I shared with you. You will also find much more by logging into DE streaming and visiting “Professional Development” at the top of the page. Movie Maker Instructions Photo Story 3 Instructions iMovie Instructions Adobe Premier […]