Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

One Stop For News

Hasn’t the last few days been exciting? No matter what your politics, it has actually been nice to see so many people get so excited about something. Those of us who use Twitter and Plurk know just how easy it was to get wrapped up in following what everyone had to say about the things

TETC is Just Around the Corner

The Tennessee Educational Technology Conference (TETC) will be held in Nashville, TN, from December 10 to 12 at the Nashville Convention Center.  This year we have the wonderful opportunity to have THE Hall Davidson as a keynote speaker.  Yes, the DEN’s original Rock Star will be our very special guest.In addition, I just received word

4 Thumbs Up!

ScreenNation’s second challenge has announced its winners in the movie review and they are available for your viewing pleasure on the site. The first place winner is a high energy 1st person rant on Michael Moore’s “Slacker Uprising.” Normally, I’d be very critical of a continuous head-on shot, but this young man has such presence