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heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 11/07/2008

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 11/07/2008

Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File tags: edtech This hack is an easy way to block any web site on any computer. I’ve used it to kid-proof computers, and to stop pop-up windows. – post by billso Archivo hosts para bloquear montones de sitios spam, virus, y demás mierdas. – post by toomany Blocking

Wait a minute…it is already November?

It seems that as soon as the last Harry Potter, Dora the Explorer and, if you’re my 11 year-old neighbor, Artemis, left my door and, the last bits of candy in my trick or treat bowl were barely empty, that the Christmas advertisements were already rolling on my TV. By the way, if you’re asking