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Have a Picnik with your Pictures!

Picnik is a free, online tool that makes photo-editing fun and easy.  Picnik began its life with one purpose: To bring photo editing awesomeness to everyone! Picnik is the default editor on Flickr and also integrates seamlessly with a variety of websites including Facebook, MySpace, Picasa Web Albums, Photobucket, Webshots, Lexmark and Box.net. In December,

Be Your OWN Hero!

Together We Have Earth-Saving Powers is a contest that Liberty Science Center and ParentGuide have created to make every child an eco superhero! Children ages 12 and under can submit drawings, paintings or photographs showing their “Earth-Saving Powers” such as recycling, taking mass transit and reminding friends and family to use canvas shopping bags. First

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 11/20/2008

ToonDoo – The Cartoon Strip Creator – Create, Publish, Share, Discuss! tags: edtech This website is great at letting students make flip books. – post by drewpolly Create your own comic strips, Publish, Share & Discuss AudibleKids – Audio Books for Kids tags: edtech Download and listen to the best children’s audiobooks Posted from Diigo.

Chroma Key in the Front

Just in time for a presentation I’m doing on simple special effects tomorrow in Springfield, IL, Hall Davidson comes through with a cool way to use the green screen in front instead of behind. Check his latest post for the details. And for those who do use chroma key/green screen shots. Think about creating a

Got games?

Ok so the GEEKYBIRD was searching the net the other day in search of interactive, neat, easy, and free templates that you could use in your classroom. Here is a five of the coolest ones that he found: EclipseCrossword.com With over 2,000,000 downloads it goes without saying…this tool is pretty cool. EclipseCrossword is a fast,

Discovery Needs Your Focus!

The Discovery Education product development team is constantly looking for ways to make Discovery Education streaming better and better. And you guys play an important role in the direction of our site!  Along that vein our Product Development team is hosting a Focus Group Webinar tomorrow evening at 5pm EST.  It will be open to