Daily Archives: December 2, 2008

Google Street View

Today’s e-newsletter from Google, called the Sightseer (sign up here), highlights a cool new feature of Google Earth.  Street View is a layer now available.  Once you turn on the layer, you will see icons of cameras in several locations.  You can zoom in for a closer 3D look!  Street View imagery is now available in the

DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 12/02/2008

TEACH Enginieering Free Engineering Curriculum for K-12 Tags: engineering, math, science, STEM, Childrensengineering, curriculum Bugscope: Home The Bugscope project provides free interactive access to a scanning electron microscope (SEM) so that students anywhere in the world can explore the microscopic world of insects. This educational outreach program from the Beckman Institute’s Imaging Technology Group at