Archives for December 2, 2008

  1. Podcasting in Education

    We had a great group of teachers attend a webinar tonight on Podcasting in education. It was wonderful to hear so many educators excited about starting their own classroom podcasts. The program I mentioned in the presentation that I find the easiest to use is audacity and it is free for both mac and pc. […]

  2. Definition of Terms: Digital Storytelling

    One of the big buzz terms of the last few years has been “Digital Storytelling.” Teachers of all grades want to integrate digital storytelling into their curriculum to enhance student learning.  This has the added benefit of being fun and creating a pretty impressive final product  that can be published and viewed anywhere. You can’t […]

  3. Austin Hosting Day of Discovery

    This just in from Howard Martin, events planner for the Texas Leadership Council/Austin area: “Austin, Texas is gearing up for a great Day of Discovery on December 6th. Discovery Education Regional Manager Justin Karkow will be bringing a host of Discovery resources with him to provide an exciting day of discussion and training. Local DEN […]

  4. Google Street View

    Today’s e-newsletter from Google, called the Sightseer (sign up here), highlights a cool new feature of Google Earth.  Street View is a layer now available.  Once you turn on the layer, you will see icons of cameras in several locations.  You can zoom in for a closer 3D look!  Street View imagery is now available in the […]