Archives for December 10, 2008

  1. A Taste Of Technology

    Hildebran Elementary School in Burke County, N.C.  took time for a “Taste of Technology” this month.  During the half day in-service, teachers had an opportunity to enjoy a lunch of “bites” megabytes, kilobytes, (heavy hors d ‘oeuvres) as they “wet their appetites with new technology skills”. Tina Stevens (new DEN member) spoke to the staff about […]

  2. One-to-One Webinar

    I am facilitating a webinar with Michael Gielniak and Kate Kennedy for the One-to-One Institute tomorrow (Dec 11, 2008) at 2pm EST on Wimba.  The topic is “Implementing a one-to-one program.”  We’ll be sharing info about 1:1 sustainability, best practices in the 1:1 classroom, and the latest regarding 1:1 evaluation/research.  If you are available at 2pm and want to listen in, […]

  3. Come On and Get Lively

    This message comes from Vicki Davis (  For those who don’t know, Vicki is a very positive influence in the world of Web 2.0 in education. —– Hello everyone – I hope you’ll take a second to help a group of my very passionate ninth graders who have named themselves the Digiteen Dream Team – […]