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A Taste Of Technology

A Taste Of Technology

Hildebran Elementary School in Burke County, N.C.  took time for a “Taste of Technology” this month.  During the half day in-service, teachers had an opportunity to enjoy a lunch of “bites” megabytes, kilobytes, (heavy hors d ‘oeuvres) as they “wet their appetites with new technology skills”. Tina Stevens (new DEN member) spoke to the staff about

One-to-One Webinar

I am facilitating a webinar with Michael Gielniak and Kate Kennedy for the One-to-One Institute tomorrow (Dec 11, 2008) at 2pm EST on Wimba.  The topic is “Implementing a one-to-one program.”  We’ll be sharing info about 1:1 sustainability, best practices in the 1:1 classroom, and the latest regarding 1:1 evaluation/research.  If you are available at 2pm and want to listen in,

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Digi Teen – Digital Citizenship for Teenagers tags: edtech This is really neat. I’m doing this as a test for Vicki Davis. I hope this is what she is asking for. – post by loonyhiker Hi, Mrs. Davis’ class. Great project! – post by emilyvickery A digital citizenship project for teenagers. With its cutting-edge buildings,

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Zapr™ – really simple sharing Zapr lets you create URL links to any files or folders on your PC. You can then send these links to others (via email or IM or YOURNAME.zapr.com) and they can get the files or see the folders directly from your PC via any browser. They do not need to