Archives for December 21, 2008

  1. EduBlog Award 2008

    Thank you.  Each and every one of you who have made and continue to make the DEN in SL possible. First, thank you to all the DEN members – both inworld and in real life.  Without you NONE of this is possible. Next, thank you Steve Dembo for be willing to take a chance and […]

  2. It's a Wrap – Winter Carnival December 17th

    ‘….and the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s so delightful….’  OK, imagine that (if those indeed are the words) being sung terribly off-key.  That’s basically what I was humming as I was gearing up to join the rest of the party at the Winter Carnival last Wednesday.  Luckily I had dressed the day before, […]

  3. SOCAP, WOW!

    In this season of so many stories and traditions it seems only appropriate to raise up Jason Ohler’s Stories of Culture and Place as an example of the power of digital storytelling. Recently named one of the 9 recipients of WCET’s 2008 WOW award “that recognizes the innovative uses of educational technologies in higher education,” […]