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DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 12/28/2008 :: online photo editor Need a quick fix for that photo? With you can edit your photos online using only your browser. Tags: editor, tools, web2.0, photography, photos, image, graphics jitterbug: music for hip kids The “Kindie” (kids and independent music) movement has been evolving for a few years and we certainly didn’t

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Geocaching tags: geocaching, edtech Geocaching is the widely popular, high-tech game of treasure hunting, and Garmin is at the forefront with a host of products to ensure you find that big cache. With a Garmin in hand and an appetite for adventure, you’re sure to find hidden treasure and see the world. Posted from Diigo.

DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 12/27/2008

The Best Free Software: 35 Must-Have Downloads – Computer Shopper Tags: musthave, freeware, applications, apps, downloads Favorite Freeware Games: Download Them All – Computer Shopper Tags: free, freeware, games Some a definite download others defintiely not. – By Fred Delventhal Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links are here.

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Get feedback with Backboard Backboard automates the process of getting feedback and approval on all your projects—it can handle almost any type of file, but it’s especially good with mixed graphical and text media. It only takes a minute to start a Backboard. Upload the file you would like feedback on, choose a security level,

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Into the Book: Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies Tags: reading, comprehension, Literacy, language arts, education, elementary, primary Into the Book is a reading comprehension resource for K-4 students and teachers. We focus on eight research-based strategies: Using Prior Knowledge, Making Connections, Questioning, Visualizing, Inferring, Summarizing, Evaluating and Synthesizing. Your class can watch our engaging 15-minute videos,


So here’s a little holiday present for you courtesy of our buddy, former AFI ScreenEd guru, Frank Guttler and his Lights, Camera, Learn! blog. I think Frank has found his true calling now and is teaching. As a matter of fact, he is dodging that frigid January L.A. chill to go and be part of

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Shorty Shorty is a simple tool for creating shorter, human- readable links from long URLs. You install Shorty on your server, so the links you create with it never go away. You can also manage your links and see how often people click on them Tags: software, tools, url, web, tool, freeware, technology, education Desktop