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Join the DENinSL 12/2009 Flickr Group!

Join the DENinSL 12/2009 Flickr Group!

I’ve been watching the growth of numerous 365/[fill in the year] groups.  In fact, I even administer one == EdTech 365/2009 and I thought this might be a great thing to have for all of us SLers out there! To that end, I’ve created a DENinSL 12/2009 Flickr group and you’re all welcomed to join! 

Update: Workshops for January 21st and 28th

The ‘under wraps’ has now been unveiled! On January 21st Smellslike Magic (our RL Mike Bryant) will be presenting ‘Checking Your Digital Pulse’.  The first few days of a workout can be the hardest.  Many quit, because they’ve set unrealistic or poorly timed goals.  It’s much easier to reach a goal when you have support.  Join

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Facebook Developers | Resources tags: edtech, facebook Facebook Connect is the next evolution of Facebook Platform – enabling you to integrate the power of Facebook Platform into your own site. Enable your users to… Seamlessly “connect” their Facebook account and information with your site Connect and find their friends who also use your site Share

Photo Story: Book Talks and Virtual Tours

Photo Story 3 has made quite an impact on digital storytelling in the classroom. Offered as a free download from the Microsoft website, this application is surprisingly easy to use! Photo Story is an application that allows you to import digital, still images and create a photo slideshow that you can share. So imagine this,