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Free ISTE Webinar

Free ISTE Webinar

School 2.0: Technology and the Future of School Technology has reshaped our world both economically and socially. These changes affect today’s students by transforming the world’s expectations of them. Join Tim Magner, director of the Office of Educational Technology for the U.S. Department of Education, as he explores the developing trends, their implications for our

MACUL Multi-Media Contest

Have your students created some outstanding technology integrated projects you want to share with others?  If so… The Multimedia Special Interest Group (SIGMM) of MACUL is hosting its 2009 Multimedia Contest for Michigan students during the month of January & February. Entries will be accepted in each of 3 categories: Digital Storytelling (Grades K-4),  Multimedia

DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 01/13/2009

Diigo Tutorials Diigo resources created by Jen Dorman organized by Jen Dorman Tags: diigo, tutorials, tutorial, web2.0, tools, bookmarking, social bookmarking Integrating Glogster into my lessons Tags: Glogster, web2.0, projects Diploma Mills in Real Life | Online Degree Talk Diploma mills are basically fraudulent universities, whose main objective is to make money while offering no