Archives for January 15, 2009

  1. Planning for DEN Events 2009

    Last night I attended a planning meeting/webinar with the DEN Leadership team.  Many topics were discussed:  retreats, state Leadership Council elections, a Symposium before the NECC Conference, Virtual Conferences, a Geocaching Day, and DEN Gurus!  Want to know more?  Dates and details are in the presentation below. Den 2009 Webex View SlideShare presentation or Upload your […]

  2. Make a Splash with SplashCast!

    Add Mike_Bryant’s channel to your page The above embed comes from SplashCast.  I’ve played around with this service for about a month now, unable to decide if it’s any better than some other tools out there.  On one hand, SplashCast allows you to throw a lot of different file types into a single presentation.  This […]

  3. Attending OC CUE?

    Hi Everyone! We’re loving the warm temperatures out here in California this week and gearing up for OC CUE next weekend. If you’re attending, come on and join us for a post OC CUE celebration! We’ll network, share our favorite tips from the conference and enjoy milkshakes and sundaes! We hope to see you there! […]

  4. Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

    Are you gearing up for Science Fair season?  We have two great ways to help you get your students excited. First, assign them some TV for homework. Ten of the greatest young minds in America will take center stage this month when the Science Channel premieres a 2-hour special covering the 2008 Discovery Education 3M […]