America's Greenest School Essay Contest


Dear Educator,

Your wish for a greener environment could pay off big time. The search for the Greenest School in America is on!

The grand prize: a FREE hybrid school bus to the winning school and a $5,000 scholarship to the student who submits the winning essay. Sponsoring teachers may receive $3,000 to use toward educational materials. Enter by visiting On the site, you’ll learn about making your school more environmentally friendly and you can submit a 500-word essay that describes what makes your school “green.”

Activities such as setting up in-school recycling programs and encouraging students to ride school buses instead of driving to school are ideal solutions for creating a greener school. Your submission should describe how your school shows its commitment to going green, how it teaches its students the value of green living, how it shows its dedication to green transportation or how it embodies the spirit of a greener planet. Here are some other small changes that can make a big impact:

* Keep lights turned off when not in use
* Use environmentally smart landscaping
* Print on both sides of the paper
* Encourage students to pack litterless lunches

This would be a great class assignment to coincide with curriculum devoted to environmental awareness as well as provide your school the opportunity to win a distinguished honor and valuable prizes. Participating in America’s Greenest School can help students learn that they do have the power to make greener choices that will positively affect the environment. Now that’s a winning lesson plan!
America’s Greenest School

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  1. Ashley Donlad said:

    Harvard has long been known in green circles for its $12 million Green Campus Loan Fund, which provides up-front cash for green construction, maintenance, design and operations. University departments repay the loan through cost savings.

    The fund has so far invested in more than 150 projects, producing a 27% median return on investment, according to the school’s Office of Sustainability….