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Gentle Reminder – February 15th

If you weren’t able to get inworld on Wednesday, here’s you chance to catch a repeat of Riptide’s FABULOUS workshop, ‘The Crowd Goes Wild – The Basics of Gestures’.  Gestures are a way to add emotion and more presence with your avatar in Second Life. We’ll look at not only using gestures but also how you

Do You Use Technology In Your Classroom?

Of course you do, because that is what the awesome educators in the Discovery Educator Network do, right? The other thing we do well is to collaborate and Indiana University needs your help! They are conducting a study on how teachers use technology in their classrooms, how they learn about technology, and how it impacts

DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 02/13/2009

Pennsylvania House Bill 363 – Referred to Education Committee on Feb. 11, 2009 “Section 1317.1. . . . (a) The possession by students of telephone paging devices, commonly referred to as beepers, cellular telephones and portable electronic devices that record or play audio or video material shall be prohibited on school grounds, at school sponsored