A Slight Change to the WI DEN Blog

The Wisconsin DEN LC has a new blogger – me!  My name is Chad Lehman and I’ll be taking over the blogging duties here at the DEN Wisconsin LC blog.  I’m new to the LC, but have a been a DEN member for almost a year.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about the use of technology in the classroom.  In addition to this blog, I have my own blog that I’ll continue posting to at least on a weekly basis.  Once in a while, I’ll cross post, but hopefully that won’t happen too often.

A little about me – I’m currently an Library Media Specialist working in a K-5 public school in West Allis, Wisconsin.  I previously taught third grade for eight years before moving to the library to become more involved with technology.  On a weekly basis, I see all of the students at my school for one hour.  Grades three through five come for a one hour block, splitting their time between the library and computer lab.  The kindergarten through second graders come for 2 half hour classes – one in the library and one in the lab.  Most of the time, I really like my position, but there are quite a few times I miss being a classroom teacher.  Outside of school, I enjoy watching and playing just about all sports.  The Wisconsin weather doesn’t allow me to golf as much as I’d like, but perhaps my family has a little to do with that as well.  I have two elementary aged children who are starting to get into more and more activities, which makes me feel a little like a soccer mom when I cart them all over the place!

That’s about it for now, I hope you stop by on a fairly regular basis to check out what’s going on with the Wisconsin DEN LC!


  1. Tim Childers

    Welcome to the wonderful world of DEN Blogging! It is good to see you online. I look forward to reading your ideas and comments and finding out what is going on in Wisconsin!

  2. Christine Southard

    Welcome to the DEN Blogosphere Chad. You can find me over on the NYDEN Blog.

  3. Keith Schroeder

    Thanks, Chad, for stepping up! Looking forward to working with you through the DEN.

  4. Patricia Hawkenson

    Glad to work with you, Chad. Hopefully, we can all meet in March at the WEMTA conference. Good to see WI DEN moving forward.

  5. Jackie Shanti

    Hi Chad,
    It’s good to see a fellow LMS! It sounds like our set-ups are pretty much the same. When you have to split your time in the lab and library do you think one area gets “more attention” than the other? I feel very torn. The technology demands my attention, as a result the books don’t get put away and the piles of cataloging, etc…stack up. Such is life in the LMC ! I love it though, never a dull moment.

  6. Teryl Magee, TN DEN LC

    Welcome to the DEN blogosphere, Chad! You are a welcome addition to the LC, I’m sure. Glad you finally made it.

  7. Rachel Yurk

    Glad to see you got it all going. I know you will be a great help to our blogging team. You up for the road trip to WEMTA?

  8. Anne Truger

    Way to step up Chad! Congrats on your new position. I look forward to reading your blog entries both personal and DEN related.


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