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heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 03/31/2009

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 03/31/2009

visual-lit » Whose Is It? tags: edtech, visualcopyright Whose Is It? ImageCodr If you are going to use then you MUST use!!! Easy as 1, 2, 3. You enter the full url of the Flickr image, in return you’ll get html code and a brief license summary. If the image is not licensed

Last Chance!

No, not for your taxes – there are still over two weeks for that. Last chance to contribute a video to the Net Gen Education Challenge. “A crisis is emerging in our schools and universities. The Internet is a new medium for human communications, knowledge sharing and learning and a new generation of youth who

Save the Date! April 22nd

Mark your calendar for this is a workshop you’ll want to attend as Lor Fredriksson presents, ‘Digizenship – Keeping them Safe and Legal’.  Our students have the tools at their fingertips.  We can’t just block or filter them.  Learn about various internet safety resources that will help our students understand how to stay safe and

Save the Date! April 8th

Join us as JessieMarie Flanagan presents, ‘Combining Universal Design for Learning and Technology to Reach all Learners’.  The Universal Design for Learning model was developed by CAST in 1994.  Come and explore successful examples of UDL learning journeys that embrace diversity, meet learners where they are, and help you successfully meet your curriculum goals. TIME: 

Save the Date! April 1st

Though we ain’t foolin’ — Riptide Furse will be presenting, ‘Newbie 201 Shopping in Second Life’.  We’ll briefly cover the ins and outs of shopping in Second Life.  What’s the difference between shape and skin? Know that a fat pack is something to find not lose. How to open the boxes or shopping bags and get

heasulli's daily diigo bookmarks 03/30/2009

Top News – Six technologies soon to affect education tags: edtech Six technologies soon to affect education New report describes the emerging technologies that will shape K-12 education in the near future Collaborative environments, cloud computing, and “smart” objects are among the technologies that a group of experts believes will have a profound impact on

David Warlick Keynote – Palm Beach Educational Technology Conference

While at the Palm Beach Educational Technology Conference, Jennifer Dorman live blogged David Warlick’s Keynote Presentation.  Here is the CoverItLive record of the keynote: <a href=”″ >David Warlick Keynote – Palm Beach Tech Conference</a> You can continue to follow Dorman here: Websites –              Blogs – Education Technology Conference Palm