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  1. Last Chance!

    No, not for your taxes – there are still over two weeks for that. Last chance to contribute a video to the Net Gen Education Challenge. “A crisis is emerging in our schools and universities. The Internet is a new medium for human communications, knowledge sharing and learning and a new generation of youth who […]

  2. A Movie of our "Movie"ing Experience

    Last Saturday the TN DEN Leadership Council had the pleasure of taking 32 DEN members on an amazing trip down the TN River.  It was a great day of photography training! We began the day in the Think Tank room of the IMAX Theater.  After some brief introductions, Tim did a run down on ways […]

  3. Save the Date! April 22nd

    Mark your calendar for this is a workshop you’ll want to attend as Lor Fredriksson presents, ‘Digizenship – Keeping them Safe and Legal’.  Our students have the tools at their fingertips.  We can’t just block or filter them.  Learn about various internet safety resources that will help our students understand how to stay safe and […]

  4. Save the Date! April 8th

    Join us as JessieMarie Flanagan presents, ‘Combining Universal Design for Learning and Technology to Reach all Learners’.  The Universal Design for Learning model was developed by CAST in 1994.  Come and explore successful examples of UDL learning journeys that embrace diversity, meet learners where they are, and help you successfully meet your curriculum goals. TIME:  […]

  5. Save the Date! April 1st

    Though we ain’t foolin’ — Riptide Furse will be presenting, ‘Newbie 201 Shopping in Second Life’.  We’ll briefly cover the ins and outs of shopping in Second Life.  What’s the difference between shape and skin? Know that a fat pack is something to find not lose. How to open the boxes or shopping bags and get […]

  6. David Warlick Keynote – Palm Beach Educational Technology Conference

    While at the Palm Beach Educational Technology Conference, Jennifer Dorman live blogged David Warlick’s Keynote Presentation.  Here is the CoverItLive record of the keynote: <a href=”″ >David Warlick Keynote – Palm Beach Tech Conference</a> You can continue to follow Dorman here: Websites –              Blogs – Education Technology Conference Palm […]

  7. Screen Test Student Fest ‘09

    A couple of years ago a young high school student in a nearby suburb wrote his village to say that a town like theirs should have a student film festival. The Village of Schaumburg agreed and Screen Test Student Fest was born. It has been a real pleasure to watch both the festival and the […]

  8. DEN Virtual Conference

    Perhaps you’ve seen this posted in other places, but it won’t hurt to read it again. Spring Into Action at the DEN Virtual Conference! Saturday, April 25, 2009 9 AM to 3 PM (EDT) Spring Into Action with the DEN and join thousands of educators who are passionate about integrating media into their instruction and […]

  9. Spring Into Action with the DEN

      Spring Into Action at the DEN Virtual Conference! Saturday, April 25, 2009 9 AM to 3 PM (EDT) Spring Into Action with the DEN and join thousands of educators who are passionate about integrating media into their instruction and collaborating with each other to improve student achievement. During this unique (and free) professional development event you have […]

  10. 2009 SIGtel Online Learning Award Competition

    Deadline April 4, 2009 Have you and your students been involved in an original, online learning activity? If so, we encourage you to enter the 2009 SIGtel Online Learning Award competition. Since 1991, ISTE’s Telelearning Special Interest Group (SIGtel), has recognized creative teachers for their pioneering use of online networks to provide innovative learning opportunities […]

  11. Are You in the Progress Zone?

    Greetings Blogosphere! I just found this post floating around the DEN Blog and thought I’d post it here too! Porter, your friendly assessment nerd Are You in the Progress Zone? Fresh off the presses, the latest offering from Discovery Education is called Progress Zone (PZ).  In a nutshell,  you create assessments for your students (based […]

  12. Join the DEN and Welcome BACK the Grunions!

      Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike by kalavinka Join Discovery Educator Network members their families on Saturday April 25th for the 2009 Grunion Run! This event will include a bonfire, private Grunion movie presentation at the Cabrillo Aquarium followed by time to explore the aquarium’s exhibits before heading back to the beach to watch the Grunions make […]

  13. Teaching & Learning Symposium

    NJEA’s annual professional development symposium will provide a vision for the 21st century What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “21st century schools”? Do you think about globalization and the need to prepare students for a world with fewer boundaries that requires a greater understanding of other cultures? Is it schools that are […]

  14. Tests Worth Teaching To

    Greetings Blogosphere! It’s your friendly assessment nerd, Porter again Tonight, a link to an interesting article came across my Twitter feed. It is an Op-Ed by E.D. Hirsch in the NY Times. Don Hirsch founded the Core Knowledge Foundation in 1986. They are the folks who publish the What Your Kindergartner–Sixth Grader Needs to Know […]