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Adding Video to SMART Notebook Files

Adding Video to SMART Notebook Files

Ok, I love my SMART board.  I love my Discovery Education Streaming Videos.  Putting them together makes for a powerful lesson. But, in order to embed streaming videos directly into Notebook files they need to be converted into Flash video.  (We all know that coversion tools can be time consuming and sometimes difficult.)  But thanks

NetGen Webinar Links

Here are the PowerPoint and the links from today’s webinar AND I just realized there are a number of entries already posted on the NetGen site. The American Film Institute’s ScreenNation. Student viewing and sharing site. Marco Torres’ students at SFETT. Great work from an L.A. high school. Frank Guttler’s Google Teacher Academy application video

Day of Discovery – A Great Success!

Around 50 educators attended the Day of Discovery at the KSU Alumni Center. Justin Karkow spent the morning sharing the basics of Discovery Education streaming and showing teachers many ways to inegrate videos, images and audio clips into their curriculum. After a fabulous box lunch provided by KSU catering, the group spent 30 minutes Speed

World Math Day

I’m not sure if your students participated in World Math Day or not, but I wanted to share a little about our participation in this cool event.  For those unaware of World Math Day, it’s a 48 hour event where students can participate in 60 second math fact contests with 3 other students.  Classes or school had to register

DST Webinar Today

Ooops! Completely forgot to mention my webinar today at 1p.m. EST on digital storytelling basics. Though this is scheduled to help teachers ALONG WITH their students who are planning on being part of the Net Generation Education Project by entering a video in Don Tapscott’s challenge to improve education in the 21st century, anyone can

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WiZiQ Dashboard Online teaching platform. Includes tools for desktop sharing, document sharing, chat, video, more. Tags: web2.0, wiziq, Online, presentations, whiteboard, education, teaching, conference Skype in Schools / FrontPage Directory of educator Skype users. Tags: skype, collaboration, education, web2.0, wiki, directory, technology Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links are