Archives for March 9, 2009

  1. Gentle Reminder – March 11th

    Please consider joining us this Wednesday, March 11th for a Workshop on ‘Introducing the New VSTE Island’ hosted by the following panel:  Alfredo Bedrodian (SL) Al Doss (RL); Jazmemo Zimminy (SL) Lisa Alconcel (RL); Mandie Mimulus (SL)  Marie Booz (RL); Thunder Insippo (SL) Kim Harrison (RL). Four Virgnia Beach teachers will share the new Virginia Society […]

  2. Palm Beach Day of Discovery

    I received this on Friday from Melissa McBride (still Lander to me but she knows that!). Palm Beach County will be hosting a Day of Discovery down there. The date is Saturday, March 28th and the beauty of this event is that it is FREE! Register  here by March 13. You can also view the […]

  3. Makin’ Movies SlideShare

    Here’s a slightly updated version of the PowerPoint linked below inspired by my day with a great group of teachers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools and some upcoming webinars. Make Movies4web View more presentations from JoeBjr. (tags: narrative media)