Archives for April 19, 2009

  1. Your DEN Story

    You probably know that I always stress writing as the basis of good storytelling. And you know that you can’t tell a good story without getting your facts straight. So, with that in mind, the DEN would like to get your story. If you have participated in the Discovery Educator Network or ever attended a […]

  2. Earth Day Cometh

    Earth Day is upon us, and this year it is easier than ever to find great activities to involve your students with treasuring and preserving our planet. Here are a few to share with teachers in your school. The grocery bag project: This project is a simple one, but will help students raise awareness about […]

  3. Quick Start Guide to Second Life ™

    You know, I don’t care what others say — Twitter is great!  How else would I have found out (literally just seconds ago!) about a Quick Start Guide to Second Life ™?  Thanks to @torley’s  (BTW, if you are on Twitter and in Second Life you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY ought to consider following @torley!) tweet, […]

  4. Sweet on Discovery

    Saturday,  April 18th Discovery Educators met at Mimi’s in Rogers, Arkansas.  The members gathered together to learn what Discovery could do for them professionally and for their classrooms.  As members ate the triple chocolate brownie covered with ice cream, discussions were held on the limitless possibilities on the benefits and how Discovery could impact their students.  If you […]