Archives for April 25, 2009

  1. Dorman Does It Again

    If you want to know why the DEN is so special, just ask Dorman. Before her move from PA DEN Blog Coordinator and then President of PA LC as well to a DEN Account Manager, she was the STAR’s STAR. Her presentation for the DEN Virtual Conference, What Is The Discovery Educator Network?, reminds us […]

  2. Classroom 2.0: Creating The Schools We Need with Chris Leamann

    Note: the following live blog reflects notes from Lehmann’s presentation. You will want to visit the archives (information to follow) to listen to Chris again and again because he truly makes sense. Chris Lehmann, Principal of SLA, says School 2.0 is progressive schooling and that Dewey is as relevant today as yesterday. Our goal is […]

  3. Sowing the Seeds of Success with Blazoski and Daughrity

    Justin Karkow is facilitating Part 1 of Sowing Seeds of Success by taking a closer look at DEN STARS. Traci Blazoski, Clarion PA, was honored by PAECT as Teacher of the Year. She is a first grade teacher, and she will move on to national level competition for National Teacher of the Year. We wish […]

  4. The Benjamin Button Effect: Lance Rougeux's DEN VC Keynote

    Lance Rougeux Springs into Action as the keynote for the third part of the DEN Virtual Trifecta by welcoming over 1000 people participating together at 19 different in-person sites and to over 100 virtual attendees for the opening. After acknowledging the administrative DEN team and STARS who made this event possible across the United States. […]

  5. The Benjamin Button Effect

    The DEN Virtual Conference was kicked off with a keynote address by Lance Rougeux.  I haven’t seen the movie Benjamin Button, so I did not know what to expect.  Lance explained that the Benjamin Button effect allows us to age in reverse. What would you have done different in your classroom if you could do […]

  6. Welcome to 2DP!

    It’s official!  With yesterday evening’s ribbon cutting ceremony, 2DP (as opposed to 1 Discovery Place in Silver Spring, MD) is now officially open for business! Yesterday was about anything but business as Demb Oh (Steve Dembo – RL) spoke about the inception of DEN in SL and its amazing growth in under two years (that’s […]