Happy Teacher Appreciation Week: Day 4

STAR Discovery Educator We have two special treats for our STARs today.  First, we have a whole new series of DEN badges for you to proudly display on your blogs, wikis, email signatures, etc.  Just visit the DEN badges page, find the one you like, copy the code and off you go.

Discovery Educator NetworkThere’s even a special one for DEN Leadership Council members.  If you really like this badge, become part of a DEN LC.  You have until Friday, May 15 to express interest in staying active with your current LC, joining an existing LC or starting a new LC.  Self-nominate today!

pollNow for our second treat.  Our friends at PollEverywhere – one of Mr. Dembo’s favorite Web 2.0 apps – have donated three individual teacher accounts (valued at $129 each).  These accounts allow you to have up to 35 participants per poll, see individual results, include text moderation and more.

Discovery Educator NetworkAll you have to do is post a comment to this blog post telling us three words that describe the DEN.  And in case you’re stuck on that third word, my middle name is Matthew.  Have fun and we’ll announce the winners at 6 PM EDT.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Thursday!

Our winners for today are:

  • Ron Houtman
  • Lee Kolbert
  • Katie Knapp



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  1. Marie Coleman said:

    collaborative, sharing, and enthusiastic…oh, and Matthew – not sure how that 4th word fits in, but I try to follow Lance’s directions! 🙂

  2. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    Matt, Lance, Steve

    Kidding aside….

    Innovative, Techno-Savvy, Leaders

  3. Lee Kolbert said:

    LIVE (live among peers in a vast network)
    LEARN (from each other and share your knowledge)
    LOVE (teaching others)

  4. Ken Shelton said:

    Community, inspirational, essential

    Why only three when I could write a thesis on how awesome the DEN is?

  5. Lori Abrahams said:

    oh Trace took mine was going to say
    Boom de Yada
    oh well


    I had others but they were already taken too.

  6. Rachel Yurk said:

    Exciting, encouraging and enlightening. Hope I
    not double posting! Posting from iPhone on a field trip!

  7. Keith Schroeder said:

    Collaborative, FUN!, Inspiring

    But if I stayed with the Matthew reference. . . it means “Gift of God” so the three words could be “Gift of gods” referring to the three people pictured at the top of the page. . . the DEN gods 🙂

  8. Selena Ward said:

    Inspirational, Supportive, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  9. Eileen Malick said:

    Innovative, S.T.E.M. (Sci-Tech-Engr-Math), AbFav!

  10. Alexa Flores-Hull said:

    Since I’m a Spanish teacher….

    Fantastico, Fabuloso y Divertido
    (Fantastic, Fabulous and Fun)

  11. Stephanie Affield said:

    prodigious, magnanimous, zealous

    (these are fancy words for fantastic, giving, dedicated; which all permeate Lance Matthew’s leadership!)

  12. Melanie Corn said:

    D–Discovering new knowledge
    E-Excellent resources
    N-Networking with other teachers

    All lead to making learning more fun and engaging for my students!!!
    Thanks so much!!
    Melanie Corn

  13. Tracie Belt said:

    As always DEN rocks! Thanks for showing all of the hard working DEN teachers that what they do is appreciated.

  14. Katie Warren said:


    oooh, I like them all, but especially Paula Naugle’s and Heather Sulli’s!