Daily Archives: June 2, 2009

Discovery Student Adventures Takes Lemons and makes “Solo”

Discovery Student Adventures Takes Lemons and makes “Solo”

Okay, so when I was packing for my trip to Australia with the Discovery Student Adventures team, I was imagining sunny skies and warm weather. So let’s just say my suitcase was definitely not prepared for 50 degree weather and rain everyday since we arrived. But that’s okay, because when you travel with Discovery Student

Let's Celebrate

Hey, the school year is over, let’s celebrate. Reserve JUNE 19th from 2:30-5:00 for a little celebration!  Join some members of the Wisconsin DEN Leadership Council at Friday’s Front Row, inside Miller Park in Milwaukee for a little food, a few refreshments, some learning, and some fun.  We will have a private room with wifi

SC STARS go Geocaching!

SC DEN Stars had a great time on Saturday, May 30th, at the first annual DEN Geocaching Day. We met at the West Columbia Riverwalk and spent the morning looking for geocaches. Families were invited and this was a great time for children and adults as we went under bridges, over rocks, and into holes