Archives for June 10, 2009

  1. It's a Wrap! – Ideas for a Greener Tech

    Yesterday’s workshop presented by Augustine Writer was extremely colorful!  Green colorful that is!  The focus was on tips to make your technology ‘go green’. Tip #1 – Try using Blackle instead of Google for your search.   Seems that the black background requires less power than a white background.  (Hmmmmm, wonder if that applies to […]

  2. Adventures in Teaching

    The New York DEN is looking to showcase some of your adventures in teaching from this year. We’d love for you to share a picture, a project, a website, etc. that reflects some of the teaching and learning that took place in your classroom or school during 2008-2009. Your adventures may have been practical, humorous, […]

  3. Hurricane Season is Here!!

    If you live on or near the coast you are well aware that Hurricane Season is here.  Having lived on the coast of North Carolina for 5 years and experiencing five hurricanes in those five years I have witnessed first hand the power of these storms.  For many of our students though, hurricanes are something […]

  4. Final Clue: IDiscover Sleuthing

    When you are at 2DP tonight for the workshop, be sure to check out the last clue, found amongst the papers we started with, and look at the suspect dossier. We have narrowed the search down to twelve individuals who are the most suspicious. Put together all the clues, including the ones from Twitter (one […]