Learning through the Funnies

Are you or your students a fan of the Sunday funnies?  Check out Comic Life for a new way to engage your students with curriculum content.  As I started playing with Comic Life I found an amazing collection of science resources created by students.  I also found a wonderful collection of templates that help get you started.  With the great collection of images correlated to curriculum units within Discovery Education Science get a trial of Comic Life and give it a try.


  1. Tracie Belt

    This post on comic life is great. I love seeing things on this page that help teachers with easy ways to use web 2.0 tools. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kate Erdosy

    Thank you for the information and links about Comic Life. I will be looking into ways to incorporate it into my curricular topics.

  3. Dolores

    Thank you for the great link. I will add it the rest of my collection of web 2.0 tools I want to experiment with this summer!

  4. Stephanie Kuhn

    Comic Life would be a great resource to use with your students, even at my elementary level. Students would be highly engaged in activities utilizing this link. Thanks for the resource.

  5. Tricia Sauerwine

    Thanks for this link. This is definitely a web 2.0 tool that I could use with my students. Thanks!

  6. Tiffany B.

    This is a great resource that I think would have my students really engaged. I have been looking for new ideas to help with my science curriculum and this is perfect. Thanks, my fourth graders will love this.

  7. Rod Murray

    My Tech Teacher’s team has been encouraging colleagues to use Comic Life in Language and Social Science, but I love the idea of using it for Science, especially Monarch Butterfly studies.
    Imagine gathering series of Life Cycle posters created using Comic Life and using them as samples and digital displays.

  8. Darrel H

    This looks like a great way to engage students in active learning. I’m just wondering how difficult it is to learn the interface? Can younger children use this with ease?

  9. Rod Murray

    I would say a Grade 4 and up could probably handled the CL interface given classroom instruction

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