NECC ‘09.2


Well, I must have gotten a little distracted reading everyone else’s musings on the very last NECC (it will be the ISTE Conference from now on). I can’t believe it’s taken me a week to put together a few thoughts on Hall Davidson’s8 Things You didn’t know you could do with Video (and 2 You did).” Of course, Hall had a lot more than ten tips to share and you can get the whole list from his Discovery Education Speakers’ Bureau handouts page (the PDF is a quicker download). On the list (for both Mac and PC): a PPT trick to keep a video going over a number of slides, green screen/chromakey fun, QuickTime Pro, screen capture programs, Google Earth, cell phones, Film on the Fly, fun with reversing clips… You get the idea.

Not a NECC reflection, but a reminder – “Science of the Movies” visits the Jim Henson workshop on Thursday night.


  1. Jackie Bishop

    Thanks for the tips, Joe. A colleague and I are working together to use digital stories with our classes.

  2. Pam Oliveira

    The “8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Video” presentation looks fabulous. My school district recently cut all funding for workshops like these which I find discouraging. To be able to converse with fellow teachers trying to do the same things in their classroom – face to face – and hear presentations is invaluable. Luckily there are blogs and tweets to keep me in the loop. I am completely sold in Digital Storytelling and love the idea of the Film on the Fly.

  3. Shannon Kistler

    Thanks for the info Joe! We can’t go to these conferences anymore either, however, I also have to teach a class on digital storytelling this year. This information is really helping me make my class much more dynamic.

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