Archives for July 20, 2009

  1. Do You Have The Time?

    Last year I was looking for a decent time-line program that was web based and came up with a few, but difficult options. This year there are several new winners in this field. The first one I want to share is . This worked as a nice alternative to the current presentation programs such […]

  2. New LC Member Intro

    Hi, I’m Telos String in SL and Mary Del Bianco in RL.  For what seems like forever, I have been an artist and an art teacher. This year I have given up my art teacher job to devote my time to technology. I will work with 6 – 8th graders twice a week in our […]

  3. 40 Years After Apollo 11

    It is hard to believe it has been 40 years since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon.  What is next for mankind.? Do we head back to the moon or do we head to Mars?  These are he questions scientist and scholars have been asking and will continue to ask for years to […]

  4. More from the DEN National Institute 2009

    Our reporter on site, Alice Mercer, has gathered together for you the CoverItLive notes, links from AmeriDEN Idol, and a photoset from the event. Thanks Alice! Live Blog of DEN National Institute brought to you by Dean Mantz from the Kansas DEN, thank you Dean! <a href=”″ >Discovery Education National Institute</a> Links from AmeriDen Idol […]