Archives for July 22, 2009

  1. MD LC Meets in SL

    Well, we held our first meeting in-world tonight. We were delighted to have Matt (Geekybird) Monjan join us.  Plans are in the works for our first MD DEN event, probably in early September.  Location TBA, but you won’t want to miss it.   Let’s just say bocce will be included in the activities!  capisce? We are […]

  2. Using Assessment to Differentiate Instruction

    Greetings Blogosphere! If you’ve been around the DEN any at all, you’ve probably seen that Discovery Education and Wilkes University launched an online master’s degree program in instructional media last year. Well, not only am I an assessment nerd, I happen to be a bit of a geek (which explains why I am blogging!) So, […]

  3. Woohoo – DEN Institute in San Francisco

    More than seventy DEN Star educators were excited to meet at the Headlands Institute in San Francsico for a week of collaboration using Web 2.0 tools. We bunked in single bed dorms (60 beds), ate exquisite food and plumped up our complexions in the foggy air. We were able to integrate the best of the best […]

  4. Welcome to Discovery: NEFEC and it's 15 Member Districts

    NEFEC (North East Florida Educational Consortium)  recently purchased Discovery Education Streaming Plus and Discovery Media Share for all 15 member districts in North East Florida. The Discovery team held train the trainer sessions in Lake City for NEFEC members responsible for training in their home counties on July 20 & 21, 2009.  Welcome to teachers/staff […]

  5. Using Phones in the Classroom

    It is time to encourage good use of phones in the classroom.  This link talks about the research about using the phones and how they will use them in Math and Science (linear equations specifically). Home school (illness) kids can still communicate with other students. Teacher can always see what the kids are doing with […]

  6. News About Discovery Streaming

    I saw this come across Twitter today. It looks like Discovery’s new service will embed digital media into the curriculum.  Check out the article – looks to be pretty good information.  The link below will take you to an article from THE Journal.  This journal, in itself, is a great resource. Discovery Launches Service To […]

  7. Jet Lag

    Or maybe this should have been entitled “Full Sail ‘09.2/DENNI ‘09.1.” I thought I had posted a few thoughts while trying to switch gears a week ago after taking three planes from the Apple Institute in Orlando to the DEN National Institute near San Francisco (literally in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge). Except […]