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21st Century Projects

I know everyone has seen or logged onto a wiki  at some time.  I’ve always relied on someone else to design and direct me to their wiki. After a long needed vacation , I returned to summer workshops, to learn how to create my very own wiki space. It is still in the making so

The Maine Event aka The Lobstah Event

   Getting to an event in Maine can be an experience in itself……..but WELL WORTH it! Teachers from central Maine gather to learn more about DEN. The group was almost 1 to 1 with Star members and new members. All participants reviewed the new website interface and were introduced to the many tools that they have

DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks 07/23/2009

UPM – Forest Life Tags: science, forest, biology, environment, iwb, upm Remix America | Welcome to Remix America Tags: remix, politics, mashup, history, américa Quintura for Kids Quintura for Kids is a visual and intuitive search engine for children”>