Archives for July 31, 2009

  1. Discovery Education: Tomorrow's Tools Today

    Looking for ways to motivate your children and summer school students? Check out the free resources at Discovery Education’s Parent Corner including Motivation Station, Summer Activities and Step-by-step Webmath. A wealth of resources, tomorrow’s tools today! Discovery Education Parent Corner Educational Resources Assessment Remediation Summer School Turbo Tagger

  2. Webinar Weeks Begin Monday

    If this post looks familiar, that’s because it was posted a few weeks ago as a weekly update. Next week begins a month of Discovery Education professional development, beginning at 11 AM Eastern time, for one hour Monday through Thursday. If you check the re-post below, you can register directly for the webinars you select […]

  3. Blended virtual ecosystems

    Wednesday marked a banner day for the DEN in SL with the Wednesday Workshop topic: A Blended Virtual Ecosystem: North Carolina Virtual Public School’s Great Discovery in Second Life. The presentation was fantastic, with Dr. Brian Setser (Innovator Quan – SL), of the North Carolina Virtual Public School guiding the audience through the journey the […]