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Shark Week

Shark Week

Just in time for Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK, PADI (Professional Association for Dive Instructors) re-opened its Second Life Islands today. There are 4 active sims complete with 4 wrecks, a surf beach, dance floor and of course, lots of sharks.   The DEN has a special event for STARS only next Saturday, in-world, but be sure

Summer School Webinars

As Star members begin to have back to school training sessions, what better way to introduce DISCOVERY than “Leadership Week” Focus will be on: Are our Schools up to the Task? Safety and Social Networking Web 2.0 for Administrators and Others Schools, Tools, and the 21st Century Data Driven Decisions with Discovery Education Assessment  To

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bomomo via Ced Paine Click at different points. As with any art tool, the challenge is to know the tools well enough to create what you you want to express. Tags: fun, flash, graphics, tools, painting, cool, education, art, create, iwb, smartboard, interactivewhiteboards Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links