Archives for August 12, 2009

  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth: Science Lesson, Quiz, and Prize from China

    Guest Blogger Heather Sullivan‘s post from the Gaocheng Astronomical Observatory in the Heneng Province, China. Heather has created a science lesson and quiz. If you complete the 3 questions by posting a comment to her blog, you will be placed in a random drawing for a special prize from China. As a science teacher I […]

  2. The Price Is Right

    Guest blogger Rita Mortensen‘s repost from her Discovery Student Adventures China blog. Mortensen is posting from Luoyang-Dengfeng. We have had such a wonderful experience and have seen so many breath taking and historical sights over the past ten days, however I will have to admit that interacting with the local merchants has been a really […]

  3. "Tour" Is Not A Four-Letter Word in China

    Guest blogger Heather Sullivan, reposted from her Discovery Student Adventures China blog. Image from Heather’s China Pics. Heather poses an interesting question, and after reading her post, please share your thoughts. (Sorry, Heather, for not posting this one sooner–very thought-provoking, as usual). Sunday, August 9, 2009 Just a quick post about something that’s been on […]

  4. Kung Fu Children

    Guest Blogger Brett Harvey, reposted from his Discovery Student Adventures China blog post. Harvey’s post calls into question several provocative questions, not the least of which is the parents’ dilemma: how do they do it? Are these children happy, and will the beauty of the land and the people still remain a mystery? Enjoy Harvey’s […]