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Flash Video with External Mic

Flash Video with External Mic

At the beginning of the summer I promised a good comparison between what I think the two front running video flash memory cameras for education are. Almost exactly two months ago, I shared some general thoughts about the Flip line and Kodak’s Zi6. Nothing’s changed in that time; I still like them both. While you

Collaboration Between Tennessee and Arkansas

The Arkansas Leadership Council is supporting the Tennessee Leadership Council by participating in the Western TN Day of Discovery.  Information has been included below for those of you who would like to attend.  Members of the Arkansas LC will be presenting at the event.  Western TN Day of Discovery Registration Form – http://sn.im/wtndod St. George’s Independent

Stories for FREE!

Isn’t it amazing how the word “FREE” always catches our attention!  As educators we are always looking for free ways to bring technology to the classroom.  Recently I found a website that allows anyone to download stories to mp3 players and yes..it is FREE.  Storynory is an excellent resource for teaching fairytales, classics like Alice in Wonderland

Free Audio Book Downloads

I came across a pretty cool website that might be of interest to teachers and students at the start of the school year. ThoughtAudio.com is a website that offers free MP3 streams and downloads of audio books. Here’s a sampling of some school readings. Call of the Wild – Jack London The Prince – Nicollo

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 08/21/2009

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