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International Stars and Olympic Medalists Touring in MO!

International Stars and Olympic Medalists Touring in MO!

From Tour De France to Tour of Missouri!  Biking “Rock Stars” may be coming to your area.  These students below learned all about the upcoming event and will have an opportunity to participate.  If you haven’t already heard about the Tour of Missouri 2009 then check it out by going to www.tourofmissouri.com.

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Google Earth Alert! Macs Beware!

If you are on a Mac at school and you are considering using the latest upgrade to Google Earth–think again.  If you have been using the great  Jing trick (previous posts) to have your students reporting from anywhere in the world, the embedded code won’t work in Google Earth version 5.0.11733.9347 (May 5, 2009).  Really

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