Archives for August 30, 2009

  1. Summer School Archives

    *Originally Written and Posted on the DEN blog by Steve Dembo We’ve been busy converting and uploading all the archives from our incredible Summer School webinar series. While we still have quite a few to go, nearly half the webinars have been posted and are ready for you to download and share them with others! […]

  2. NYC Area Cricket Crawl

    Are you going to be in the city on Friday, September 11th?  It is the perfect opportunity to join the Cricket and KatyDid crawl.  Check out the specifics found on the Living the Scientific Life Blog. As the blog explains, “The Cricket and Katydid Crawl of New York City and surrounding areas is a citizen […]

  3. How to be a Scientist?

    As we return back to school our county mandates that we spend 8 days teaching the students how to be a scientist. The first two days I conducted my own experiments and the kids really enjoyed the activities.  On the following day, I decided to use the textbook and see how the students responded.  It […]